I UK [pəʊst] / US [poʊst] noun
Word forms "post":
singular post plural posts
1) [uncountable] British the letters and parcels that are delivered to someone

There was no post for you today.

a) British the process of collecting letters from a postbox or post office

What time does the next post go?

catch/miss the post (= to get/fail to get something collected):

I just caught the last post.

b) the process of delivering letters to someone's house
first/second post:

The letter I was waiting for wasn't in the first post.

c) the post
British the system in the UK for collecting, carrying, and delivering letters and parcels

I never send anything valuable through the post.

Never believe anyone who tells you "The cheque is in the post"!

2) [countable] a strong thick pole made of wood or metal that is put upright in the ground, used as part of a fence, gate etc
a) post or goalpost one of the two tall upright pieces of wood that a player runs between or tries to get a ball between in games such as football

His first shot hit the post.

b) one of two upright poles that show where a horse race begins or ends

the winning post

3) [countable] British a job, especially one with a lot of responsibility

My father has held full-time teaching posts at several universities.

The Prime Minister appointed her to the post of ambassador.

take up a post (= start to work in a job):

She took up her post as the new director last April.

fill a post (= to employ someone):

The company has now decided to fill this post on a permanent basis.

4) [countable] computing a posting 3)

II UK [pəʊst] / US [poʊst] verb [transitive]
Word forms "post":
present tense I/you/we/they post he/she/it posts present participle posting past tense posted past participle posted
1) post or post off to send a letter or parcel to someone in the post. The usual American word is mail.
a) post or post up to put information or a message where the public can see it, for example on a wall

The menu and prices are posted outside the door.

b) computing to put information on the Internet

New job openings are posted every day on their website.

a) to send someone to a place to guard it or to watch who arrives and leaves

Extra guards were posted at the border crossing.

b) to send someone to another country or place to work for the government or a company, or for duty in the armed forces

He was then posted to 22 Squadron.

Phrasal verbs:

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